NBA Prohibits Use of Ninja Knot Headbands

Last season some NBA players used accessories in the form of headbands shaped like ninja bands. Different forms of headband were then popular for some players. However, the property will most likely not be able to be seen again next season. The NBA announced a ban on its use.

This policy was first announced by Adrian Wojnarowski as ESPN reporter . The names that used it last season include Jimmy Butler, Jrue Holiday, Montrezl Harrell, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Jarrett Allen. Wojnarowski included Mike Bass as the NBA spokesperson. “Such a model headband is not included in the NBA play accessories provisions. We announced it in May. However, the ban will be carried out after the season is finished so as not to disrupt the competition, “Bass said.

Safety is the basic factor. The size of the headband may vary and can endanger the player. Moreover, there are no regulations that specify the size, length, thickness, up to the height of the rope used. “The players do it without the approval of the NBA. Therefore, we need to issue an official statement, “he continued.

Various opinions air on this matter. Many people consider that these accessories are not too dangerous as described by the NBA. Blake Griffin even considered it a joke. The tweet continued with the banter of his followers who shared his opinion. Mike Scott, a Butler compatriot at Sixers, had said on his Twitter account that this was all Nike’s doing. Oregon and NBA sports brands have not had an agreement to make such basketball accessories. This policy, according to Scott, is considered as a less professional action. When Nike was thought to be the culprit behind this ban, LeBron James actually used it in public. He uploaded a video while he was practicing while wearing a ninja-laced headband on his Instagram account.

Now, we can no longer see this unique head accessory used by the NBA basketball player next season. Though some basketball connoisseurs consider this ninja headband cool to wear. (ajb)

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