NBA Team Can Replace Player When Positive COVID-19

The NBA governing board and the NBA Players Association have agreed to continue the competition this season, at the end of July 2020. 22 teams will fight for the playoffs. But previously had to undergo eight regular season games. A new decision was issued that the team could change players if tested positive for COVID-19.

The league starts paying attention to details after all formats and schedules are approved. One of the details is about the condition of the team that will continue the league. When the league continues, every day a test will be held. If there is a positive COVID-19, then the player can be replaced. Similarly, for players who are seriously injured.

The mechanism (substitution) can be done as long as the team underwent eight matches continued regular season. Reported by ESPN, if there is a positive COVID-19, the player is quarantined for 7 to 14 days. Same goes for players who are seriously injured, and can’t continue the competition. The team has the right to change players, because these two causes can reduce the strength of the team.

The NBA does not seem to regulate the number of players who are replaced, but instead makes regulations about the criteria for substitute players. Those who can be substitutes must be active NBA players, G League players, or come from team training camps this season. Players who cannot be substitutes are players who don’t have a team this season, and international players. For example Jamar Crawford who does not have a team, then can not be used as a substitute.

The league is also discussing the possibility of injury or positive players COVID-19 to be able to appear again. Because this player could be a club star. So like it or not, he must return after recovery. Meanwhile, the replacement player transaction window will start around June 22, 2020. 

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