Norman Powell Call Raptors Still Confident for Champion

The Toronto Raptors must lose Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. However, they still had most of their strength. Norman Powell, one of the Raptors employees, also believes his team can defend the title.

The 26-year-old Forwarda doesn’t even want to know what people are saying out there. He felt his team was doubtful. They are often not taken into account. So now you just have to believe in yourself.

“Losing Kawhi is a big loss,” Powell said per Prime Time Sports . “However, we still have core players who have a big impact during the championship. We have OG (Anunoby) who pulled over because of an injury and is ready to go back to advance. I think this team still has a chance to become champions again. “

Even so, maintaining a champion is not easy. Powell et al. know that. They realize their team will meet with many obstacles. Especially considering the teams in both regions (East and West) are also getting stronger.

In the Eastern Region, for example, the Brooklyn Nets got Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Although Durant could not perform due to an Achilles injury, they still have Irving’s classmates. The all-star main guard will lead the new face of the Nets.

While other teams, such as the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers, managed to maintain core strength. They were even able to increase the power of the bang with the arrival of new players. Powell sees competition as not going to be easy. However, it is not impossible.

The Raptors opportunity to win again is clearly not completely closed. Anything can happen in the NBA. Last season, they proved it themselves. They were able to defeat the superpower Golden State Warriors in six matches.

President of Basketball Operations Raptors Masai Ujiri also thinks the same. He had said, his team was fine. They can still be champions. He guarantees Larry O’Brien’s trophy not only stopped once in Canada. Raptors want to bring back the trophy to be displayed there.

“I see what this team has done and what we can learn from there,” Ujiri said in an interview with Adrienne Arsenault from  CBC . “We learn to win. And Kawhi taught us that. He drove us there. “

With that confidence, the Raptors will return to meet the same spirit as when they won. Powell doesn’t want to give up. Likewise Ujiri. The whole squad will prove it again. They claim they can. (put)

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