Orlando Magic Unique Performance in the Beginning of 2019-2020

The Orlando Magic starts the 2019-2020 NBA away from the media. This is quite reasonable considering there are no star players who are recruited this summer in 2019.

The Orlando team has played in four matches with a 2-2 win-loss result as of October 30, 2019 local time. However, from these results, there is a performance that is inversely proportional to 180 degrees, namely in terms of attack and defense.

Magic is the second lowest attack efficiency team out of 30 NBA teams. They have 0.9 numbers on each mastery.

Magic has actually maximized mastery with low errors leading to a counterattack ( turnover ). However, the performance is less than the maximum to support the efficiency of attacks, because the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the shot is below the league average. Ironically, the two digit and three digit areas have shot effectiveness that is below the league average.

In the two-figure area, there are 2 out of 9 total areas that have shot effectiveness above the league average. The three-figure area is a major factor in the low efficiency of attacks. Magic is ranked second lowest in terms of effectiveness of three-point shots. They have an average of 9.5 shots from 33 attempts with a shot effectiveness of 28.8 percent.

Only two players have attack efficiency above the league average, namely the main stars Magic, Nikola Vucevic and Jonathan Isaac. Both of these players have a one-point attack efficiency with every attempt using a minimum of 15 percent ultrasound. When the two players are not on the field, the performance efficiency of Magic attacks will decrease by 0.2 points for each mastery.

Despite being the most productive player in Magic, Evan Fournier does not yet have attack efficiency above the league average. On average, two mastery is wasted because of his own mistakes making the efficiency of Fournier attacks less than optimal.

On the flip side, Magic’s defensive performance is very impressive. They are ranked third as the team that has the best defense with 0.94 points entered in each mastery of the opponent. Of the four matches that have been undertaken, the Atlanta Hawks are the only team that have not successfully reduced the effectiveness of their shot down to 40 percent. In fact, last season’s NBA champion, the Toronto Raptors, was successfully reduced to under 40 percent.

Magic defense system as if made to reduce the modern basketball system. The area that has been forgotten in producing productivity figures, perimeters, has indeed become a weak point of defense. However, the opponent will be made difficult when shooting in the most important areas in the modern basketball system, namely the three-figure area and the paint area.

In the three-point area, the opponent has a shot effectiveness of 26 percent from an average of 33.5 attempts. The low effectiveness of the opponent’s shot in that area puts Magic as the team with the best three-point defense.

Whereas in the paint area, opponents have a shot effectiveness of 55.7 percent from an average of 36.7 attempts. Where the paint area (not semi-circular) has a shot effectiveness of 51 percent from an average of 14 attempts. The semi-circular area has a shot effectiveness of 58 percent from an average of 22.7 shot attempts.

Other defensive performance is shown in terms of defensive rebound. Magic was ranked sixth in terms of the percentage of defensive rebounds with 77.1 percent. The low effectiveness of the opponent’s shot in the three-figure area and the paint as well as the high percentage of defensive rebounds are an impressive factor in maintaining performance.

The strength of the defense is inseparable from the performance of all Magic players. None of their players has the efficiency of staying above the league average. In this category, reverse judgments apply when compared to attack efficiency. The higher the efficiency of defense indicates the worse the defense.

Magic displays very different performance when attacking and defending. Magic, strong in defense, is one of the teams that has a low attack efficiency performance. One place in the playoff is not impossible to belong to Magic if it can improve attack performance and maintain a strong defensive wall.

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