Recalling Ray Allen’s “The Shot” and Its Impact in NBA History

Tripoin buzzer beater Kawhi Leonard when the Toronto Raptors faced the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference semifinals last season was quite memorable. In addition to bringing the Raptors through to the regional finals to finally become the 2019 NBA champion, the shot also became the buzzer beater inaugural victory in the seventh playoff game in NBA history. The moment felt even sweeter after the photo was named the best sports photo of 2019.

Besides Kawhi shots, there are several shots in NBA history that also have quite high historical value. The Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan, has two shots called ” The Shot” . One time against the Cleveland Cavaliers and another last shot using the Bulls jersey against the Utah Jazz.

Then there was also a tripoint shot that changed the long history of the NBA from Ray Allen. For you Miami Heat fans, this might be the best shot in the history of your organization. As for the San Antonio Spurs fans, this shot is the most heartbreaking shot (although eventually the Spurs won the next season).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013, Game of the 2013 NBA Finals. The Heat is behind (2-3) in aggregate over Spurs. Spurs won 95-92 after Kawhi Leonard only included 1 of his 2 free shots and 19.4 seconds left. Mario Chalmers takes the ball to the left wing area of ​​the Spurs to pass pick n pop with LeBron James.

LeBron then gets a wall assistance ( screen ) from Chris Bosh to receive Chalmers bait and release tripoint in the remaining 9.6 seconds. The tripoin was too tight and finally bounced out. Bosh, who was the highest player on the field, reached the ball earlier than Manu Ginobili and Danny Green.

Ray Allen, who was also in the crowd fighting for the rebound, followed his instincts as a sniper. He ran backward to the right corner of Tripoint and Bosh who saw it immediately gave the bait. One step back and Allen thoughtlessly released tripoint with 5.2 seconds left. “BANG !!!”, the NBA commentator shouted, Mike Breen at once.

Conditions are equally strong in the number 95. Spurs can not add points in possession of the next ball. The game continues into extra time and Heat wins the sixth game. The seventh game that was once again held in the cage of the Heat ran fiercely but no more difficult than the sixth game for the Heat. The Heat won the game with a score of 95-88 and won the second straight title.

Now, we broaden our view of the impact of Allen’s shot. We wish, what if the shot does not enter? What will happen in the NBA?

 If the shot is not entered, it is almost certain that the Spurs won the title. In the key area, there were only two Heat players when the shot was fired, compared to three Spurs players (Boris Diaw and Ginobili were already in a boxout position). If Spurs win, their fifth title will come a year earlier.

If Spurs win the season, Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan will have a perfect record in the final (5-0). Assuming Spurs 2014 is the best performing Spurs of all time, they could have won the sixth title and equaled Michael Jordan’s record with six finals and six titles.

Had the shot not entered, the LeBron pout would be very happy. LeBron will only win one title and have lost in three finals. LeBron’s overall record will probably be (2-7. In contrast to Kawhi, the title will be his first title and establish himself as one of the best NBA young players at that time.

The defeat in the 2013 final will also tarnish the Big Three Heat dynasty at that time. They have lost to the Dallas Mavericks who were not seeded in the 2011 final. On the other hand, this also proved that the Heat could not win against a team with good veteran strength. Their victory in 2012 also took place over the very young Oklahoma City Thunder team.

Finally, the game will also have an impact on the resume of NBA legend Tracy McGrady. Yes, if Allen’s tripoin does not enter, McGrady will win the title for the first time. McGrady joined Spurs just before the playoffs. He appeared six times in the playoffs without even scoring points. However, this became McGrady’s first experience of appearing beyond the first round of the playoffs.

The things written above do contain presuppositions that we also never knew would happen or not. Maybe in another dimension, Spurs won, but not in this dimension. “The shot” from Ray Allen will forever be remembered as one of the best shots (if not the best) in the NBA final game.

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