San Antonio Spurs Official Retirement of Tony Parker Jersey

The San Antonio Spurs must lose to Memphis Grizzlies 109-113. However, the results did not reduce the sanctity of Tony Parker’s jersey ceremony. Spurs officially retired his number nine at the AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas, United States, Monday, November 11, 2019 local time.

Parker himself was there. He received awards directly from the team that he defended for 17 years. Parker felt very respected. He loved being in San Antonio.

“San Antonio, I’m happy to go back here,” Parker told the audience, as quoted by . “I will always regard San Antonio as my own home. You must know that. Thank you, Spurs fans. “

Jersey Parker (9) now joins Ginobili (20), Tim Duncan (21), David Robinson (50), George Gervin (44), Sean Elliot (32), Avery Johnson (6), Bruce Bowen (12), Johnny Moore (00) and James Silas (13). There are 10 jersey that hung on the ceiling of the AT&T Center as of 2019. It could have increased later on if there were more legendary players.

During a decade with Spurs, Parker contributed four NBA titles. He had become a hero at the 2007 Final so he came out as the Most Valuable Player (MVP). However, his career with the team from San Antonio ended in 2018.

Parker decided to leave. He moved to Charlotte Hornets. Parker played for one season until he retired at the end of last season.

Parker returned to the NBA to attend the jersey promotion ceremony. After this, he can go anywhere. Maybe go home to France like before. Because, he was born and raised there.

Meanwhile, team-mates like Duncan are now assistant coaches. Previously, they offered Ginobili for the position. However, refused because he wanted to enjoy his retirement first. Spurs can also offer the same thing to Parker later. (put)

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