Special Field Blazers for Welcoming the Golden Age

The Portland Trail Blazers will be 50 years old in 2019-2020. They also prepare a celebration to welcome the golden age ( golden age ). One of them is with a special field design.

Blazers released the new field design on Monday, August 12 last. They release it while holding a design competition shoes ( sneaker ) Trail Blazers X MARTK’D at Veteran’s Memorial Museum. The design of the field was retro-inspired by their first season in 1970.

In the center of the field, Blazers incorporate a 50-year element. They put the number 50 which was designed to fit the team logo. The field itself is surrounded by red which is also their distinctive color.

On the long side of the field, the Blazers put the phrase “Rip City Est. 1970 “which represents the designation of the city and the year the team was born. While on both sides of the width of the field, they put the name of the team “Portland” and “Trail Blazers”.  

There are also some striking changes, mostly related to the color of the field. Wooden floors are now one color. Previously the field had a lighter wood structure in a three-digit line and a darker texture in other parts.

Their key area is now white, not red. While the half circle above the key area is now red. The boundary line around the field has been changed from red to black.

The Blazers will use the new design pitch for the first time during the preseason tournament. They will hold a match against the Denver Nuggets at the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum on 8 October. (put)

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