The 2020 NBA All Star Tripoin Contest, Participants and Changes to the Rules

In addition to making announcements about slam dunk contest participants, the official NBA All Star Twitter account also provides a list of players who will compete for accuracy in the tripoin contest. As many as eight names have been announced will fight in one of the series of events supporting the NBA All Star which is now given the name ” Mtn Dew Three-Point Contest .”

The eight names are Davis Bertans (Washington Wizards), Devonte ‘Graham (Charlotte Hornets), Joe Harris (Brooklyn Nets), Buddy Hield (Sacramento Kings), Zach LaVine (Chicago Bulls), Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), Duncan Robinson (Miami Heat), and Trae Young (Atlanta Hawks).

Judging from the NBA statistical data as of February 4, 2020, all of the above names occupy the top 80 of the best tripoin accuracy. Robinson became the player with the highest accuracy among the participants with 43.9 percent while Bertans was below him with just one percent difference. Young became the player with the least accuracy among the participants with 36.7 percent.

Harris, Hield, and Lillard, are the three names that last season also competed in the tripoin contest.┬áThe first name mentioned even came to this year’s contest as the defending champion.┬áLast year, he defeated Hield and Stephen Curry in the finals.

In addition to the presence of five new names, this year’s contest also came with new rules . If there are usually five racks with five balls each in five areas near the tripoin line, this year the NBA added two additional racks. However, the two additional shelves only contain two balls and are located further than the other five.

The farthest distance from the ring to the tripoin line ( top / top of the key ) is 23 feet and 9 inches. While the two extra balls will be 29 feet and 9 inches from the ring or six feet further. The first additional rack is located between the second and third shelves while the second additional rack is on the third and fourth shelves.

These two additional balls will also have a different color from the other namely green. The value is different too. If a regular ball is worth one and a colorful ball is worth two, the green ball will be worth three points. That is, the maximum value on one occasion the player rose to 42 points previously worth 36 points. The time of one player’s turn also changes from 60 seconds to 70 seconds.

This change will be the first change in a tripoin contest since 2014. In that year, for the first time the NBA added a money-ball rack . Money-ball itself will still be on the mat this year. In addition, increasing the time to 70 seconds will be the first time change in the last 34 years. (DRMK)

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