The NBA Roster Addition and Change Scenario Design

2019-2020 NBA will resume again on 30 July. Every day the NBA continues to perfect the rules that will apply at Disney World, Orlando, Florida. After the health protocol, there are now regulatory plans regarding the addition and replacement of the NBA team roster.

Various sports media reported about plans to add and change the NBA roster. But the league itself has not made official rules regarding this matter. So the information below is a summary of news in the media about NBA plans.

Each Team May Bring 17
NBA Players and the NBA Players Association is expected to agree on the decision to register 17 players with Orlando. Normally, a team contains 15 players. But because of worry about injury and player posifi virus corona, the league plans to add two player slots.

The plan is still being thought through, because health experts are worried about increasing numbers of people in the Disney World environment. But Shams Charania from The Athletic first reported that there would be an increase in the number of players.

Injury Players Cannot Join
There are several teams that will perform in Orlando that have injured players. Bojan Bogdanovic from Utah Jazz underwent wrist surgery a week after the league was postponed. LaMarcus Aldridge also underwent surgery in April. The Brooklyn Nets also cannot play Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant because they are recovering. Then the Dallas Mavericks couldn’t bring Dwight Powell and Jalen Brunson because of shoulder surgery in March 2020.

If indeed the NBA allows the addition and substitution of players. Of course there is no problem for the team. They could have entered new players before 30 July. But the debate now is about the players who can’t perform.

Kyrie Irving also asked about the status of injured players when the league continued. Whether they can come to simply support their team or not. It seems that the request was difficult for the league to grant. Because, the league wants to keep the number of people in Orlando under control. Meanwhile, the league has tolerated that each club may bring 35 personnel, including players and officials.

Substitute Players from the G-League and Players from the United States
Some time ago, there was news about the requirements of substitute players in the NBA continued. The news stated that substitute players were chosen from active NBA and G-League players. But this plan seems to change again.

NBA players can rule from anywhere. That is, those who did not have a team in the last season could be a substitute. For example, Jamal Crawford, Joe Johnson, and JR Smith. If these rules do apply, then these three players will be the target of NBA clubs that lack the number of players.

Meanwhile, players who are not allowed to be substitutes are international players.

Once in Orlando, Players Cannot Be Replaced (Although Positive Covid-19)
If a player is positive Covid-19 and shows no symptoms, then the player is likely to be quarantined. The player can return to his club after the quarantine period is over. If the player shows symptoms, then the choice for the team is to continue without the player, or wait for the player to recover.

But to change the players after the league resumed is considered very difficult. This is because the health protocol established by the NBA is very strict. Players who are brought in from outside, or after the league starts again, will be quarantined before joining their team. There are indications that the costs incurred will not be commensurate with the services obtained by the team.

Meanwhile, according to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, players who have already left Orlando will not return until the season ends.

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