TNT Recruit Stan Van Gundy as Analyst

The summer transfer window doesn’t just keep NBA teams busy. The media also seems to have their own busyness. Turner Sports, for example, recruited Stan Van Gundy as match analyst for TNT .

Van Gundy previously worked for ESPN . He often served as a match analyst. However, it did not rule out the possibility of him appearing at another event. Because, he was also present in the television show The Jump and the radio show Dan Le Batard .

Van Gundy has also been famous as a coach. He has handled campus teams for 14 years (1981-1995). After that, he jumped into the NBA as a professional. Van Gundy began his career with the Miami Heat with the status of assistant coach.

In 2003, Van Gundy was promoted. He had the opportunity to become the head coach of the Heat. However, handed over the position to Pat Riley in mid-2005.

Van Gundy was then unemployed for two years, until finally he moved to Orlando to handle the Magic. He served as head coach for five years. Magic then fired him in 2012 following his feud with Dwight Howard. Unfortunately, after the Magic fired Van Gundy, Howard also left the Los Angeles Lakers.

After two years, Van Gundy returned to the NBA. The Detroit Pistons recruited him as head coach and president of basketball operations to replace interim official John Loyer. Van Gundy then served for four years, until finally the Pistons released him in 2018. That’s when ESPN recruited him as an analyst.

In the summer of 2019, Van Gundy moved again. He moved closer to Turner Sports to become a TNTanalyst . It just so happens that Turner Sports is making a massive change. One of them is removing the Players Only program, which usually airs every Monday. (put)

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