Tony Parker and Dream Have an NBA Team

Tony Parker is one of the important figures in the middle of the dynasty and the glory era of the San Antonio Spurs. Since Spurs chose him in the 28th NBA Draft 2001, Parker managed to deliver Spurs won four titles. Then together with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili will forever be remembered as one of the best trios in NBA history.

Parker decided to retire after closing the 2018-2019 season with the Charlotte Hornets. That season was the only season where Parker did not play for Spurs. He decided to move because he still wanted to play but did not want to inhibit the regeneration that was being attempted by Spurs. At the beginning of this season, precisely 11 November 2019, Spurs officially retired Parker’s number nine shirt.

After retirement, Parker is more preoccupied with business affairs. This business is actually not only wrestled by Parker after retiring. In 2009, Parker has bought shares in the French league club, ASVEL. As of 2014, he had become the majority shareholder of the team. Then in 2017, she also became the majority shareholder of the Olympic Lyon women’s basketball team, Lyon Basket Feminine.

Parker’s seriousness in the ownership business of this professional basketball team was also shown in a recent interview with The Undefeated . After recounting his readiness to settle in the United States, the man from France shared his dreams and business plans in the future.

“I have many plans going forward and one of them is to live in the United States. I love the United States and I’ve been here for 20 years. I have no problem having to travel to France at a certain time, “said Parker. “For my dream, my biggest dream is to have an NBA team someday. I am now joining the Olympic Lyon group and we have big dreams for that (having a team). “

“However, that dream will not happen anytime soon. Now, we have a lot of work and other targets that we want to complete first. I think the next 5 or 10 years, we can realize the dream of having an NBA team. I myself have talked about this long-term plan with the president of the Olympic Lyon football team. I am the type of person who always dreams high, “he concluded.

Parker and Olympic Lyon must prepare enormous money to realize their dream of having an NBA team. Because, in the latest release of Forbes , all NBA teams now have valuations above US $ 1 billion. The team with the smallest valuation in the NBA now is the Memphis Grizzlies with US $ 1.35 billion.

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