Toronto Raptors Promotes Brittni Donaldson as Assistant Coach

The Toronto Raptors have passed their best season in 2018-2019. They won the NBA for the first time in history that season. The Raptors are now preparing to defend the title. One of them is by promoting Brittni Donaldson as an assistant coach.

Previously, Donaldson served as a data analyst. With this promotion, he will be promoted and will work directly next to Head Coach Nick Nurse. Donaldson can use his experience as an analyst with a greater role.

In addition, Donaldson also increasingly proves that women can contribute in the NBA. At present, the world-famous league has at least nine female assistant coaches. Donaldson added to the length of the list by becoming the 10th female assistant coach.

On the other hand, with Donaldson rising, Eric Khoury – who previously moved from the analyst team to the ranks of coaches – will move to the Raptors 905 in the G League. According to Blake Murphy’s ( The Athletic ) report , the coach wants to take on a greater role as assistant coach in the NBA minor league. Donaldson is there to replace it.

Donaldson himself took part in the success of the Raptors last season. Nurse knows the performance. Likewise, the President of Basketball Operations Masai Ujiri. They make changes after monitoring it.

For the Raptors, the change was a step to fix the squad. Moreover, they will have a different arrangement of players next season. Kawhi Leonard, who delivered the Raptors to the championship podium, for example, was no longer with them. Therefore, the team from Toronto needs to be handled by the players that exist now.

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