Victor Oladipo Believe Pacers Can Enter Playoff Again

Indiana Pacers became one of the teams that made changes this summer of 2019. They recruited several players to strengthen his squad. Victor Oladipo, one of the Pacers champions, believes this new team will go well in 2019-2020.

Oladipo even believes the Pacers can break into the regular post-season round again. He wants his team to continue to maintain that trend. Because, they are indeed a playoff subscription team since 2016.

“Playoffs, of course. Certainly, “said Oladipo about the Pacers opportunity next season, per Indy Star .

Pacers actually have to lose a few pillars this summer. Bojan Bogdanovic moved to Utah Jazz, Cory Joseph to Sacramento Kings, while Thaddeus Young went to Chicago Bulls. Darren Collison, senior Pacers guard, decided to retire.

Even so, Oladipo was not worried. Because, Pacers already has a successor. They recruited several players, including: Malcolm Brogdon, Jeremy Lamb, TJ McConnell, TJ Warren, Justin Holiday, and Ruki Goga Bitadze.

With new players, Oladipo believes the Pacers remain strong. At least on paper. He will try to improve team play with new people. Oladipo doesn’t want the Pacers to stumble in the first round of the playoffs like the past four years.

Oladipo also claimed to be happy with the arrival of this new player. He, for example, was delighted when the Pacers successfully acquired Brogdon, whose contract ran out with the Milwaukee Bucks. He can’t wait to play with him.

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to play with him (Brogdon),” Oladipo said. “I know what type of player he is. I also know the level of play in the last few years from Milwaukee. Having it in addition is big enough for us. “

Oladipo himself is now trying to recover from his knee injury. He doesn’t know when he will return. However, ready to lead this team going forward. After all, he is the main face of the team.

During this time, Oladipo has become the foundation of Pacers. They will rely on him again next season. Therefore, Oladipo must be hale and healthy. So do other players. They must protect themselves so that the Pacers have enough ammunition to return to the playoffs. (put)

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