Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Supports NBA Coach No Longer Dressed Formally

The Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, no longer wants to wear a suit when leading his team to action. Kerr, supports the change in NBA rules about the coach’s dress style. Kerr wants from now on for the NBA coach to simply dress freely and neatly.

Kerr’s support was conveyed directly on his Twitter account.¬†Kerr re-posted tweets by Jay Bilas as a college basketball analyst from ESPN who revealed that he supports NBA coaches not wearing suits and ties.

The issue arose when the “seeding game” which took place in the NBA “bubble”, the coaches were not required to dress formally. In this case a suit and tie. For the most part, the trainers who competed at Walt Disney World Resorts wore short sleeve polo shirts.

In college basketball, coaches who participate in pre-season tournaments also wear short-sleeved shirts. According to Bilas, this is because the tournament is usually held in Hawaii and the Bahamas, which have tropical climates.

According to Bilas, the NBA should not imitate MLB in terms of dress code. In MLB, coaches are forced to wear the same uniform as the players. So it seems like there is coercion from the league. But in this sense, the NBA is doing well. Because it only provides neat conditions. There has been no mention of the color identical to the club, or the same uniform as the player. Everything looks natural, but still pleasing to the eye.

One of Kerr’s reasons for supporting the new dress code is appearance. When leading a team in a suit, or a formal suit, usually a sweaty coach will look bad. So, with a polo shirt or jacket, at least the sight doesn’t need to be seen again. 

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