4 of the most profitable teams when the NBA starts again

More than two months have passed, since the last official NBA match was held. This delay is the longest period of non-activity in NBA history. This is also the first time the competition has been postponed in the middle of the season. But if everything can be resumed, there are four teams that benefit.

Just like other sports teams, many NBA teams and players who are already itching want to return to the field. But there are also some who are waiting anxiously. If their beliefs about the league continue, it’s just a blank message.

But this time, league delays can benefit some teams. They really want the league to continue. Because if it’s canceled, it will be a big loss for them. B erikut four teams:

Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets are very hot. Because two former MVPs, James Harden and Russell Westbrook worked hand in hand to pursue their first NBA titles.

Westbrook has indeed scored double for individual statistics in the last three seasons, respectively. But he was not able to bring the Oklahoma City Thunder to achieve encouraging achievements. Eventually, Westbrook jumped aboard the Rockets, and rejoined his old colleague at the Thunder, James Harden.

Meanwhile, James Harden is in the spotlight. Because he can always show the best performance in the regular season, but dropped sharply in the playoffs. Collaboration with Dwight Howard and Chris Paul also stalled. Until finally Westbrook docked.

Duet Harden – Westbrook certainly hopes the league will resume. Because they are hot. If postponed, it could be the momentum to get the title destroyed.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers had no problems with consistency in the 2019-20 NBA season. They have a top star, Paul George, and last season’s NBA Final MVP, Kahwi Leonard. Although not appearing for most of the season.

Head coach Doc Rivers finally has the right way out. There are candidates for Sixth-man of the Year, Montrezl Harrelm, and Lou Williams who are able to secure the team from adversity.

Continuing the league after being postponed for more than two months can be very beneficial for the Clippers. Because, George and Leonard might be able to play again.

But if the season is canceled, the Clippers will suffer a large loss. Because this season there are several players whose contracts expire, namely Harrell, Marcus Morris, and Reggie Jackson. The strength of the Clippers can decrease next season.

Milwaukee Bucks

When the Milwaukee Bucks went smoothly in the NBA, the league stopped. This season they set a 24-3 win record at the start. Then step by step, the Bucks can top the Eastern Conference standings.

Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo continues to grow and has the chance to win the MVP this season. Could be, Giannis became the MVP two consecutive seasons, given the performance of Cemerlan in the regular season. Meanwhile, Khris Middleton is the most shining game player at the moment. Then just now the young man looked promising, namely Brook Lopez, Eric Bledsoe, and Donte DiVincenzo.

Now the Milwaukee Bucks have a great opportunity to win the title. Giannis is only 25 years old. There is still a lot of energy to win the title. But his colleagues are over 30 years old. Therefore, now is the time to win.

Talking about championship opportunities, the Los Angeles Lakers also have. Even bigger for this season. LeBron James looks confident with his team now. Despite being 36 years old, James still scored an average of 25.7 points and 10.6 rebonds in the league.

James has a new partner this season, Anthony Davis. This duet really dominates the league. But keep in mind, it could only happen this season. Because Anthony Davis will be a free agent. He could have chosen to leave the Lakers next season. It is very possible that Davis is looking for another team. Rumor has it that Davis is considering the Chicago Bulls offer.

For the Lakers, league delays hurt them. Therefore, the Lakers are a team that is keen to push for the league to resume. Because the chance they won was great this season. 

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