Andrea Dovizioso Received Award as Sports Ambassador for Forli City

Forli is the name of the city in Italy where Andrea Dovizioso originated. The Ducati MotoGP racer received an award from his hometown. The awarding took place on Monday afternoon (9/12) at the city council. Andrea Dovizioso received the award as Sports Ambassador for the city of Forli ..

In the past three years Andrea Dovizioso is the fastest racer in MotoGP, behind Marc Marquez. Riding an Italian motorcycle Andrea Dovizioso is also the one who keeps the Italian flag flying in the most difficult class ever. By the City Council or the legislative body governing the city of Forli, the former 125cc world champion was awarded the “Ambassador of Sport City of Forli”. This award was given by the mayor Gian Luca Zattini himself.

Gian Luca Zattini (Mayor)

As reported by media, mayor Zattini said about Dovi: “He is one of Forli’s (city) pride, we will experience so many emotions and make us known throughout the world,” said the mayor, Gian Luca Zattini. “It is a great honor for us to give him an award. We want our flag to fly in the world through the sport of the Forli racer. He rides on an Italian motorcycle, races for Forli and he is a sportsman that we carry in our hearts. Three wonderful years and have to deal with a monster (Marc Marquez) with an amazing motorbike, but Andrea made us dream. We thank him, the true champion “

Daniele Mezzacapo (Deputy Mayor)

The Deputy Mayor, who is responsible for Sports, Daniele Mezzacapo, added: “In recent years he has brought the name Forli and tricolor (Italian flag) to the most important circuit in the world, testifying at the highest level of sports values ​​and character from Romagna and our city, thanks to the professionalism, skills and behavior that is always inspired by ethics, justice and peace of mind. His perseverance, responsibility, and spirit of sacrifice marked all his extraordinary sporting journeys. Thank you for being the flag of Forli and for bringing our city flag around the world. “

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