De Ketele-Ghys Wins Champion on 201 Six Ghent Day

Had been the best in Madison number, Mark Cavendish finally failed to win Ghent Six Day 2019 in Belgium, 12-17 November 2019. The title of the bicycle race that took place at the legendary Kuipke velodrome fell into the hands of Belgian duo, Kenny De Ketele-Robbe Ghys.

The winner of Ghent Six Day 2019 is determined until the last day Sunday (11/17) night. The De Ketele-Ghys pair successfully curbed compatriot Jasper De Buyst-Tosh Van der Sande from the top of the overall standings. 

De Ketele-Ghys pair victory can not be separated from the success of De Ketele won  the  last sprint on Madison. He won this number as well as won the title at Ghent Six Day 2019. 

“We made it. I am very happy, and grateful. We have to give everything. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, “said De Ketele after the race.

The victory on the last day established De Ketele-Ghys as the 2019 Ghent Six Day champions. They collected 301 points. Ketele-Ghys is only five points from second-placed Van der Sande-De Buyst (296 points). 

The third position is occupied by a German couple, Roger Kluge-Theo Reinhardt (212 points). While the pair Mark Cavendish-Iljo Keisse was ranked fourth with 268 points (main bicycle)

1. De Ketele – Ghys (Belgium) – 301 points

2. De Buyst / Van der Sande (Belgium) – 296

3. Kluge / Reinhardt (Germany) – 212

4. Keisse / Cavendish (Belgium / United Kingdom) – 268 points and 1 lap

5. Van Schip / Havik (Netherlands) – 299 points and 2 laps

6. Vergaerde / Hesters (Belgium) – 211 points and 11 laps

7. Hester / Van Den Bossche (Denmark / Belgium) – 116 points and 17 laps

8. Rickaert / Pieters (Belgium / Netherlands) – 111 points and 22 laps

9. De Vylder / Stroetinga (Belgium / Netherlands) – 87 points and 22 laps

10. Wulff Frederiksen / Kneisky (Denmark / France) – 199 points and 26 laps

11. Scartezzini / De Pauw (Italy / Belgium) – 168 points and 32 laps

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