Italian MotoGP Possibly Held with Spectators in the Stand!

Misano, Dorna and local authorities are working on a double MotoGP race at the Misano Circuit (September 13 and 20). The good news is that the race is planned to be held with a ‘minimal’ audience. Even in soccer, the Italian League confidently holds a championship with the audience present at the end of the championship. This plan came to light because in Italy, besides football, cinemas and cafes will reopen starting June 15 with limited space and following social distance rules. It is likely that in the coming months the situation may improve. Italian MotoGP possibly held with spectators in the stands!

Quoting from the Italian media, La Gazzetta dello Sport: At the Misano Marco Simoncelli circuit, MotoGP will be held as the 6th and 7th round or series of the 2020 season. Attended by several thousand fans in the stands will be a great achievement. “The possibility of this happening is clearly not in our hands, depends on the green light from the Government,” said Andrea Albani, managing director of the Misano circuit.

When there is an opportunity, the organizer will do anything to make it happen. The priority is to hold two races at Misano, even if without an audience, chances are that it becomes increasingly possible over time.

In the coming days Dorna will release the 2020 MotoGP calendar. Where besides Misano, there will be Jerez, Austria, Aragon and Valencia, to host this year’s ‘World Championship doubles’ race. San Marino plans will take place on September 13 and 20.

Regarding schedules that clash with Formula-1 car racing, efforts have been made to avoid overlapping between MotoGP-Formula-1. But it seems that all the effort will be in vain, given that the car plans to hold a second event at Monza, or even move to Mugello. So on September 13 there could be F1 in Tuscany (Mugello) and MotoGP in Romagna (Misano), one hundred kilometers away!

This year Dorna will not demand fees from Misano, like other circuits, those costs are guaranteed to host a MotoGP. This will help Misano some organizers who are without results from ticket sales which will have serious problems in meeting needs.

“If we then have to open the gate (there are spectators), the capacity is still not full. At the moment the idea is just to consider survival. We have 30 thousand seats, we have to understand what logic is used. As for the audience in an open area, I see it more complicated, the social distance will be more difficult to manage. “

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