Japanese MotoGP Welcomes Rossi and Marquez with 46 and 93 Big Sizes!

 Japan a few days ago hit by a violent storm Typhoon Hagibi s seen still ready to welcome the MotoGP series and the Asian round of the 16th MotoGP series 2019. The official account appears Motegi, Japan @motegi_official displays photos in which their employees prepare for the grand racing event the world’s most prestigious two-wheeler … Japanese MotoGP welcomes Rossi and Marquez with numbers 46 and 93 large sizes!

Japanese MotoGP Welcomes Rossi and Marquez with 46 and 93 Big Sizes!

“I made this! It’s bigger than I thought … Where to put it …” … There are also 93 next to the production room. 
I took a photo in front of # 46 .. I also took a photo in front of # 93
Write the official account @motegi_official

The Japan Series is a home race for manufacturers of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki MotoGP teams. Where all three are the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. This country has numerous and historic motorcycle racing variants. The Twin Ring Motegi circuit has become a fixed MotoGP calendar since it first hosted the race in 1999.

The Japanese Grand Prix itself was first held in 1963 at the Suzuka circuit, with 40 Grand Prixes taking place in the Land of the Rising Sun in 2017.

Apparently in welcoming the GP racers, organizers’ attention was still towards the two TOP racers at the moment namely Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez realized with two big numbers 46 and 93. This proves that in Japan the two racers are still the main attraction of the racing world in the country of animated films Naruto is …

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