Joan Mir ‘Victim’ Unfair Treatment of a Beginner Racer?

Joan Mir was rewarded with a Long Lap penalty, in the Sepang MotoGP race for allegedly causing the fall of Johann Zarco. The Suzuki racer couldn’t figure out why the sentence could be imposed on him. Joan Mir ‘Victim’ Unfair Treatment of a Beginner Racer?

“I came from the back position my speed is better than the others. I chased and tried to overtake as many racers as possible up front. But I could not compensate for the motor speed with the brakes. It’s hard to finish the race, “Joan Mir said after a fierce battle in Malaysia.

In the initial phase the Suzuki manufacturer’s racer dropped back to 15th position. He fought back to the top ten, but then in the battle for the ninth place there was a collision with Johann Zarco. The LCR Honda rider landed hard on the ground, MotoGP and FIM supervisors examined the incident and gave Mir a ‘long lap’ penalty he had to turn on special tracks as punishment.

How does Joan Mir the 2017 Moto3 World Champion explain the incident? “I’m in the inner racing line at corner 13 because I want to overtake Zarco and Miller. I was quite fast at the time. So I was inside and Zarco tried to overtake Miller and didn’t see me coming. Of course, he is not to blame. Unfortunately we touched each other and unfortunately he also fell. He has shown great races so far, I apologize to him. But it is also not my fault. That is something that can happen in a race, “Mir said.


“If you look back, the problem with Valentino Rossi at Mugello or Zarco in Brno, which hit me at the first corner and my race ended … In all these incidents, nothing happened to them … But if I get a long lap penalty. That’s not fair, “Mir said

But what can Mir say, he’s just a rookie and that’s the easiest to say: “Zarco fell, so we gave him a penalty. But it’s not like that, “… Davide Brivio, the Suzuki team boss, spoke with the race supervisor after the” unfair “sentence.

After the race Zarco came to the Suzuki garage and the two apologized to each other. The two racers understand each other’s situation, but the race supervisors don’t seem to understand yet …

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