Kevin Durant Wishes LeBron James to Play Longer in NBA

Kevin Durant and LeBron James’ rivalry is a long one in the NBA. They have been competing since the 2011 NBA Finals to 2018. Durant admits that James is his toughest rival, and hopes they can play even longer in the NBA.

Kevin Durant looked really excited when Alex Rodriguez of Barstool Sports asked about LeBron James. Players who initially became role models, until they were involved in competition in the NBA.

“Ever since I was in high school and turned on the television, people called LeBron James the Michael Jordan of the future,” said Kevin Durant.

“In my mind, it looks like James is the best player. So I have to be as good as him, or in the end, I want to look him in the eye someday, in my career.”

That belief is true. Durant followed LeBron to the NBA, and has enlivened the head-to-head competition in the NBA until now. What Durant had said in his youth also happened. He often looks into the eyes of LeBron James in the middle of a match.

LeBron James entered the league three seasons before Kevin Durant. James became the first choice in the 2003 NBA Draft, and was picked up by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Durant, on the other hand, was picked by the Seattle SuperSonics in the 2007 NBA Draft as the second overall choice.

James beat young Durant in the 2012 NBA Finals. At that time, Durant was still playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder with Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Meanwhile, James has led the Miami Heat.

The Thunder looked mighty in the 2012 playoffs by eliminating defending champions Dallas Mavericks, 4-0. Then the LA Lakers became the next victim 4-1 on aggregate. In the Western Conference final, the Thunder swept the San Antonio Spurs, 4-2. But LeBron James broke Kevin Durant’s heart by becoming NBA champion after winning 4-1 over the Thunder. The pain was stored for half a decade. Until finally Durant decided to move to the Golden State Warriors.

Durant finally got his honor back. He beat LeBron James in the 2017 and 2018 NBA Finals. Durant and his star-studded team, the Warriors, and James returned to playing with his old team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Given the good times of their competition, Durant hopes that James can stay longer in the league. Although James is currently 35 years old. 

“James is someone I look at, when I take basketball seriously. I wish James and I a long life, so we can play much longer. That’s very special for me,” said Durant.

“People call this competition or whatever, that’s fine. But for me, having opponents in the same position, looking after each other, and beating each other is great. James is one of the best players ever in the NBA. “

Kevin Durant and LeBron James have now exchanged conferences. James joined the Lakers as ruler of the Western Conference. Meanwhile, Durant defends the Brooklyn Nets which is expected to be able to put on the best game in the Eastern Conference. Next season, 2020-2021, the meeting of James and Durant will be an interesting dish for NBA fans.

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