Raptors Defeats Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo Absent Due to Toothache

Toronto Raptors stole victory from Milwaukee Bucks who incidentally as leader of the Eastern Conference, in the “seeding game” Monday, August 10, 2020 local time. The Raptors won 114-106 over the Bucks. In this game, Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn’t play because of a toothache.

Bucks superstar and last season’s NBA MVP, Ginannis Antetokounmpo underwent a dental check-up today. It was scheduled beforehand. Head Coach Mike Budenholzer told the media that toothache was not part of the injury, and was not basketball related at all. Mike wasn’t saying that Giannis left a “bubble,” even if there had to be a checkup at a health facility outside Walt Disney, he’d be right back. That will not put Giannis into quarantine, as the NBA rules.

Giannis ‘absence still had an impact on the Bucks’ attack and defense. The proof is that Chris Boucher reserve player is free to play under the Bucks ring. Bounchers can score 25 points, plus 11 rebounds. Matt Thomas added 22 points, and Norman Powel finished with 21 points.

Finally, the Bucks tried another way. They forced Khris Middleton to stay, so he only scored 17 points. Meanwhile, the business of scoring points was given to Kyle Korver who could gain 19 points. Korver scored 5 out of 6 tripoin attempts. Meanwhile George Hill added 14 points, and Brook Lopez contributed 12 points.

Bucks during the “seeding game” also didn’t make a good record. They won two of their six matches. Just like the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, the Raptors who are second in the Eastern Conference standings, under the Bucks, can score a match record of 5-1. Both teams have two games left. So there is no possibility of a shift in position in the standings. 

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