Tadej Pogacar Performs at the World Championships this Weekend

Usually, a Tour de France (TdF) champion will be immediately preoccupied with invited competitions. There is a tradition in a number of cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France to hold city parties, then invite the competition stars to appear in criterion events. Usually even the day after the podium ceremony in Paris!

The champions usually accept the invitation. Because the pay is extraordinary. Up to 100 thousand Euros per criterion. And he doesn’t have to be serious. Because the end result is usually set. This isn’t real racing, it’s a city party race.

This year, it certainly can’t be done. The pandemic has limited such events. But that doesn’t mean TdF stars can relax. The pandemic has also made the official racing schedule even denser. And after TdF, the next schedule is straight for the UCI Road World Championship! Live this weekend , September 24-27, in Imola, Italy.

Tadej Pogacar, the TdF 2020 champion from Slovenia, is scheduled to immediately participate in the competition. He is scheduled to take part in the road race on Sunday, 27 September.

“I don’t know what the route is, but people say it will be very tough and I like the tough route. The race will also be long, so it will be a tough race. Hopefully I can achieve the best. We have a strong Slovenian team, so We’ll see what our chances are, “said Pogacar, who on September 21 recently celebrated his 22nd birthday.

After TdF, Pogacar had a birthday immediately. No big celebrations. Just booked a restaurant in Paris for team personnel and family.

He certainly had to quickly learn the route of the World Championship, as the race moved suddenly due to the pandemic. It was supposed to be held at Aigle-Martigny in Switzerland, but then moved to Imola. The finish will be at the Formula 1 circuit.

This world championship is also compacted. There is no junior category. Only the elite . So there are only four events in four days. Individual time trial (ITT) for women, men, then road races for women, for men.

The ITT route is made basically flat, 32 km long, starting and finishing at the Imola Circuit. Meanwhile, the women’s road race route covers a distance of 143 km, circling the 27.8 km route covering the circuit and surrounding areas, up a total of 2,800 meters.

The peak race is indeed spooky. The total distance is 258 km, circling the same route but many more. The total incline is 5,000 meters! This provides an opportunity for various types of racers to become world champions. Both climber and puncheur . If his condition is maintained, Pogacar has a big chance here, as well as his compatriot, Primoz Roglic.

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