There is a Tour de France Route in Zwift!

The long-awaited news finally arrived. The Tour de France route is present on the Zwift virtual platform . Starting this weekend , July 4, 2020, these routes can already be felt by virtual motorists around the world.

Zwift, based in California, prepares two new “worlds” in its application. Namely “France” and “Paris.” The details of both are still not spelled out, but clearly they will have iconic routes for the most prestigious race in the world.

In France, for example, there will be a new challenging climb, a replica of the legendary Mont Ventoux. Reportedly going to be named “Ven-Top.” The 22 km climb becomes the second legendary climb into Zwift. Previously, a replica of the Alpe d’Huez was included in the world of Watopia, named Alpe du Zwift.

Whereas in Paris, the world will be smaller. This is a replica of the Tour de France closing circuit, which passes the famous Champs Elysees street.

“The map of France takes inspiration from the country, and makes us feel at one with the country. Zwifter can pass through the region of the vineyards, sunflowers,” said the official statement Zwift.

To celebrate this new route, Zwift with the Tour de France organized a virtual competition for world professionals. Almost all the best teams in the world, Men and Women, will participate in a number of stages that have been prepared. Some passed through the old world of Zwift, some passed through France and Paris.

Competitions for professionals are held every Saturday and Sunday for three consecutive weekends, starting on July 4th. While filling time, considering the actual Tour de France had to be postponed until next August because of Covid-19. The race can be watched on various television channels, or through streaming channels.

What about us hobbyists? Do not worry. Although not yet entered the official world rotation, France and Paris are still available for all Zwift users. There is a virtual event L’Etape du Tour de France that we can all attend. Every weekend there will be dozens of events that we can participate in, adjusting the schedule of each country / city.

In the next few days, more complete details will continue to be released by Zwift.

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