WorldTour’s Agenda in Australia Has Not Been Interrupted by Forest Fires

At present the attention of the world community is focused on the disaster of forest fires in Australia. Discussion of this event also took place on various social media platforms. The hashtag (hashtag) related to this matter is trending  the last few days. Even though it is currently in the global spotlight, forest fires in Australia have not yet been declared to interfere with the schedule of bicycle races there.

WorldTour events held in Australia in the near future are also still on schedule . In the near future there are two UCI WorldTour agendas held in Australia. Namely Santos Tour Down Under (January 21-26) and Lisp Evans Great Ocean Road Race (February 2). The organizers of the two events ensured that the race kept going on schedule.

Both organizers said they had worked closely with relevant parties to help monitor the impact of fires. Including related to air quality and other potential safety disorders. What made the organizers still believe the two events were not affected was the hotspots far from the race route.

“We are discussing with the Adelaide Hills Council which is committed to watching the Santos Tour Down Under,” the organizing committee said in a release received by  Velonews .

The pictures circulating on social media indeed show as if fires in Australia are so severe, and occur at many points. But what netizens often don’t realize is that Australia is a country on a continental scale. The area is very wide. And the hotspots depicted horribly far from the routes for organizing the WorldTour event in Australia.

The area that is arguably the closest to the location of the fire is Geelong. This location is where the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race is held. The distance from the location of the slick point about 400 km. Just to the west of the worst affected areas were forest fires, namely eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales.

Well, while Adelaide is the host of the Santos Tour Down Under even further. The location is about 700 km further northwest of Geelong.

The impact of smoke generated from the fire was also minimal. Because strong winds move from west to east. Or head along the southeast coast of Australia. Farther from where the race is scheduled. Not only bicycles, other sporting events taking place in Australia have not been postponed either.

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