Chyna, Former WWE Wrestler who is also an Adult Film Star Died

Professional wrestling fans, especially WWE SmackDown , must be familiar with the name of one of the wrestlers, Chyna. The sad news came from the woman wrestler, she was found dead in her apartment in the Redondo Beach area, Los Angeles, United States, on Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

Through his official Twitter account, @ChynaJoanLaurer , the news of Chyna’s death was announced to the public. It was stated, the wrestler who was nicknamed ‘one of the nine wonders of the world’ had died despite not mentioning the reason or cause of his death.

“With this letter, we are deeply saddened to let you know that today we have lost a big icon and a hero in real life. Joanie Laurer aka Chyna, one of the nine wonders of the world, has died. “He will live forever in the memories of millions of fans and those of us who love him,” said the Twitter account.

Anthony Anzaldo, manager of Chyna, when asked by the media crew about the cause of Chyna’s death, also replied that he did not know. The real name wrestler Joan Marie Laurer was known to have died after his apartment neighbor found Chyna dead and reported the matter to the police.

“Redondo Beach Police received a 911 call from a colleague in the apartment if there were women who were lifeless. His colleague told the Redondo Beach Police that the woman had not answered the telephone for several days. The police then went to the location to check the situation. When the officer arrived at the scene, a woman died, “the police wrote in his official statement.

Starting his professional wrestling career in 1995, Chyna only found a way to light up her career when she was recruited by the professional wrestling industry giant, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), in 1997. In 2001 Chyna left WWE and had several times entered the pornography industry starring in several films blue.

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